Scarlett's Sunshine Act

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Scarlett’s Sunshine Act (H.R. 2271/ S. 1130) would strengthen existing efforts to better understand SUID and SUDC, facilitate data collection and analysis to improve prevention efforts, and support children and families.  

What would it do?

  • Improves national guidelines and data consistency by directing the CDC to authorize grants to state and local agencies to amend guidelines for sudden infant death investigation to be inclusive of sudden unexpected deaths of children under age 5 years. 

  • Authorizes funding for essential grants including: . 

    • $8 Million annually to improve the completion of comprehensive death scene and autopsy investigations for cases of sudden unexpected deaths in infancy and childhood

    • $2 Million annually to provide training grants for the specialized training required for pediatric death scene investigation training

    • $15 Million annually to support states in reviewing 100% of child deaths and to develop and implement prevention strategies.

    • $1 Million annually to enhance the national fatality review case reporting system

    • $33 Million over 5 years to support evidence-based approaches for educational programs, and outreach activities focused on decreasing the risk factors that contribute to sleep-related SUID.

  • Establishes new monitoring measures by requiring biennial reports to Congress to include the absolute number and incidence of SUID/SUDC, actions undertaken, and any new recommendations

Click below to watch Scarlett's mom testify in front of congress on 1/7/2020

HINT:  Fast forward to 36 mins in to the video.